Free Zones in Nigeria were established in 1992 for the diversification of the revenue base of the economy, employment generation and encouragement of exports through local production. Locating in a Free Zone in Nigeria offers investors certain advantages, benefits and incentives to facilitate local and international investments.

Since 1992, Nigeria has operated free zones in strategic […]

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Oil & Gas Services

The upstream oil & gas services industry in Nigeria offers significant and sustainable operations for companies supporting the energy sector. These services are a critical part of the overall supply chain that ensures both new discoveries are brought to production and existing fields are kept operating efficiently. It is estimated that the upstream oil & […]

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Exploration & Production

The petroleum sector has been a crucial part of Nigeria’s economy since crude oil was first discovered in the 1950’s. As of 2010, oil and gas exports accounted for more than 98% of export earnings and about 83% of Federal Government revenue. Nigeria’s proven oil reserves are estimated at about 35 billion barrels. In mid-2014, […]

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