Media Videos

A selection of videos from the Jagal video library.

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Media Logos

Download Jagal logos by clicking on the image you want and then saving the file shown. If you require a logo in a different format or size please contact us.

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What we do – Energy

Jagal Energy
Jagal Energy is the oil and gas solutions provider of Jagal and a prominent player in the Nigerian upstream sector. Leveraging on a powerful supply chain of operations, we offer diverse oil & gas services, support base infrastructure and investment in exploration and production.

Jagal Energy has achieved significant growth in the upstream sector and […]

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What we do – Investments

Jagal Investments
Jagal Investments is the diversified portfolio of investments of Jagal. These strategic operations are focused on specific areas of opportunity where Jagal invests in value creation. Using our deep local knowledge and unique approach to market, we have developed strong performing businesses that compete in high potential and growing sectors of the Nigerian economy. […]

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Social responsibility


Jagal has deep roots in the Nigerian community spanning over 40 years. With over 4,000 staff and a vast network of customers, suppliers and stakeholders, we are part of a larger family that lives throughout this great Nation. Our responsibilities go beyond Jagal in developing a sustainable society in which we live and work.

Through […]

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conduct & ethics


Jagal has made its reputation and stakes its future on honesty and integrity, commitment to delivery assurance, ethical behaviour and practice. To sustain those values, we are committed to uphold the Company Code of Conduct which describes our focus on compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and provides guarantees of safety and […]

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Corporate governance


Jagal believes that good corporate governance is a cornerstone of strong business performance. We are transparent in our governance practices and policies and being responsive to our stakeholders, while managing all Jagal companies and operations for long-term success.

Our corporate governance incorporates clear responsibilities, duties and standards for the Jagal leadership, its committees, directors and […]

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Corporate structure

The Jagal corporate structure operates under two areas of focus. Jagal Energy is the core focus brand and the integrated solution provider of Jagal. It comprises of three industry segments: exploration & production, oil & gas services and infrastructure. Jagal Investments is the secondary focus brand, holding the diversified portfolio of investments of Jagal which […]

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