The Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Industry in Nigeria has had tremendous growth over the past 10 years and currently contributes about 8% to the GDP of the Country with internet penetration at about 25% of the population and mobile penetration at over 60%. The Government’s broadband vision for Nigeria is “one of a society of connected communities with high speed internet and broadband access that facilitates faster socioeconomic advancement of the nation and its people.”

The economic growth of the Country is highly dependent on the ability of government and the private sector to deliver data connectivity, mobile coverage and broadband access to businesses and the general population. To achieve this there is a significant demand for in-country cloud services and data hosting for the ICT industry and major enterprises. The reliance on international data centres and cloud services to host private and public sector information is a constraint to achieving the nation’s targets. The need for mega data centres operating as standalone, core businesses has become essential for Nigeria to progress in its drive for sustained ICT services.