Jagal Executive Committee

While Jagal has developed into a major conglomerate holding with multinational standards of operations, it retains its core Family values within its expanding commercial business. The entrepreneurial passion with which Jagal was founded and led continues to be prevalent throughout the organisation, encouraged and supported by the Jarmakani Family. The Jagal Executive Committee includes the Founder and Group Executive Chairman, Anwar Jarmakani and the Group CEO, Maher Jarmakani.

Anwar jarmakani
Anwar Jarmakani

Founder and Group Executive Chairman

Anwar Jarmakani is the Founder and Group Executive Chairman of Jagal. He is a self-made industrial entrepreneur who came to Nigeria in 1963 from Syria and is a naturalized Nigerian. He is part of a generation of private sector pioneers who arrived during the period of independence and contributed to the economic development of the Country. Over the past 50 years, Anwar Jarmakani has established an unblemished reputation for relentless ambition, vision, leadership and integrity.

Maher jarmakani
Maher Jarmakani

Group CEO

Maher Jarmakani is the Group CEO of Jagal. He joined Jagal in 2004 in the Group’s oil & gas services business Nigerdock, where he progressed through various management positions and eventually served as Executive Director.

In 2008, Maher was appointed Group Executive Director overseeing the development of Nigerdock as well as other Jagal investments in oil & gas, construction and real estate. In 2012, he served as the Managing Director of Nigerdock during a restructuring period in the organisation, whilst still maintaining his Group role.

In 2013, Maher led Jagal’s investment into the technology sector by initiating the successful establishment of a leading edge data centre along with a new leadership team.

In 2014, he and the Jagal Executive Committee instigated a complete restructure and rebranding of the Group to further empower its business leaders through institutionalised processes and improved levels of Corporate Governance.

From 2015 to 2017, he served as Group Co-CEO, sharing strategic areas of executive leadership across all Jagal operations and investments and in 2018, he was appointed Group CEO, bringing both Jagal Energy and Jagal Investments under one leadership.

Maher Jarmakani is a naturalised Nigerian citizen and was raised in Lagos, where he attended the American International School. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management from the European Business School in London with executive education from Harvard and London Business Schools.