Sub Committees

Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARCC)

The ARCC is appointed by the Jagal Executive Committee (JEC) and provides independent reporting and advice in the areas of governance, risk and control across all Jagal business units and investments. The ARC reviews audit and risk reports presented by the Group Internal Audit Director and Chief Inspector including the internal audit plan, audit reports and reviews the Group risk register.

The ARC is chaired by Maher Jarmakani (Group CEO). Other members include the Group CFO and the Director of Governance and Risk. The ARC delivers assurance to the JEC on the accuracy of financial reporting and risk management.

HR Committee (HRC)

The HRC’s primary role is to ensure that Jagal is able to attract the most qualified people to its Companies and reward its staff fairly with safe working conditions, appropriate financial packages, attractive benefits and an enjoyable workplace.

The HRC monitors, evaluates, and takes decisions with respect to HR policies and strategies. It reviews and recommends the salary framework, remuneration and retirement of employees and executives. It also reviews and recommends policies for staff development and professional training.

Strategy and Investment Committee (SIC)

The SIC is responsible to the Shareholders for developing and monitoring Jagal’s investments, strategic direction and the overall performance of the Group as defined by the SIC Charter. The SIC evaluates and considers investment opportunities proposed by the business unit CEO’s and ensures that Jagal’s strategic policy is applied and implemented at the Company level.

Steering Groups

The JEC has also established Steering Groups that are empowered to give direction in other areas of strategic leadership. These include:

HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) Steering Group
IT Steering Group
Marketing & Communications Steering Group