Our L.E.A.D. Values


Leadership is about mastering the craft, clarifying the vision and positioning our brand. It is a continuous process that reaches all Jagal’s stakeholders and inspires them to perform with a winning attitude.


Excellence is the drive to perform at the highest standards with a zero tolerance attitude. It is the heart of our culture and success story and the main ingredient for our growth from top management and down.


Accountability is about two key elements: Transparency in terms of corporate governance and people management and Responsibility in terms of social engagement and empowerment. It is our pledge to operate with integrity while taking into consideration the needs of our people, partners and communities.


Dynamism is about great energy, power and capabilities, it’s our competitive advantage and our belief that the only constant is change. It is the route for growth, positive transformation and strategic adaptation to new markets trends and dynamics.

Our 3P’s


People are the key ingredients and the cornerstone of Jagal success story.
People are our employees, our community, our clients and our families and we are dedicated to improve and protect their lives and the world they live in.


We believe in the power of partnership to create positive impact on all stakeholders.
Our partnerships are built on strong fundamentals and common vision towards success and growth.


Profit for Jagal is about maximizing social, emotional and financial returns. It’s beyond the financial gain and more about the direct impact of changing the lives of all stakeholders and the Nigerian community.